30fps in a 60fps game would i notice a difference in gameplay?

say for example battlefield 3 or modern warfare 3 that runs at 60 frames per second,
would I notice a difference in gameplay if I'm only getting 30fps to 40fps instead of 60fps?
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    In a shooter, yes. The difference will be noticeable in terms of overall smoothness. As long as fps doesn't drop below 30 you shouldn't notice any lag though.
  2. +1 as long as the minimum FPS does not go below 30FPS the game should look and play very smoothly.
  3. Like everyone said, anything above 30 fps is good. Game will run smoothly without any hints of lag. Battlefield 3 will be a more graphics intense game. Most COD games tend to play on high FPS, which is not a bad thing at all, especially since the graphics are nice too.
  4. ok,thanks for the replies!
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