Crysis 2 Issues With Win7

Hey, hoping you can help
i used to have xp pro OS, and played all my games on that for ages with my setup i was never disappointed,
lately i just decided to upgrade to Win7 cause i heard about directX 11 support and the 64 bit system supported some video editing software i wanted, well i ran crysis 2 on my xp system on graphics very high/extreme and got to about 100 fps and never dropped below 80, now i have started playing on my Win7 and i lowered graphics to high, but still sits on about 20-25 fps and drops to 10fps constantly every few seconds, very jumpy gameplay and i can't stand it, then changed properties to compatibility for xp sp3, still nothing, what is going on???
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  1. Sounds like a driver issue. Make sure you run windows update and get the driver for your graphics card. I had this issues once before with the same game and I updated my graphics driver and ran Windows Update and it found a compatability patch.
  2. could it have anything to do with a 64 bit driver and 32 bit game?, or something like that. can i install both drivers or just should i reinstall mine? i don't know if there is such thing as 32 and 64 bit drivers but just wondering
  3. nah its the move to dx11... the 5770 is a fast dx9 and dx10 card but its weak for dx11 the 5850 and up are really the tipping point of where dx11 becomes viable any 1 with lower spec than that should consider there machines dx10 capable only...
    as the lower end cards just dont have the grunt to handle the harder core elements...

    so if the game has dx11 turned on, turn it off. either in game or going and modding an ini file
  4. Thanks guys, i'll see if it changes when i turn off dx11, but i'm pretty sure i had the problem before i turned in on when i first installed it, thought it might fix it, yeah i thought about a dual boot, but i'd rather find a solution to the problem, it's not a small change but my framerate has halved from xp. plus i was thinking about upgrading to a gtx 560ti or something,
  5. yeah i still play BC2 (waiting for BF3), and mw 1 & 2, and they run great, if i have the time and can be bothered i might see if i got a mate with a win7 32bit, and dual boot that, see what happens with crysis, thanks for your help :)
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