System Gets Shutdown during Gaming (NFS:Hot Pursuit)


System Gets Shutdown during Gaming (NFS:Hot Pursuit)

AMD Core 2 Duo Processor 5200 Series


1 GB Graphics Card( DDR3) - ATI Radeion HD series

Gigabyte Motherboard

Windows 7 OS (64 Bit)
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  1. Few more details required:
    1. GPU model?
    2. GPU temp's while gaming?
    3. Are you running the latest GPU drivers?
    4. When does the problem happen....does it happen immediately on startup of the game or after a while of gaming? Could be a heat issue.
  2. 1.ATI Radieon Model HD 5450 series not sure abt it.

    2. During Normal the Temp is 30-40 but during play it is 80-90

    3.Yes,Latest Drivers are installed

    4.It happens after 10 to 15min of Gaming.

    I even Cleaned up the Processor and Fan and added a FAN connected to Cabinet. so now totally 2 Fans are running at a time.

    But the issue still exists.......

    Above temp reading is done after Cleaning the Heat Sink and adding FAN.

    Pls help me...
  3. Definitely a heat issue! Those temp's are way abnormal for your 5450, that's what is causing the shutdown. Couple of things you can try:

    1. Remove the side panel and point a small fan directly at the card. Try and get the ambient temp's down (like, using an aircon if you have one in the same room as the comp)
    2. Heat issues can also be related to the case being used. Make sure your case is well ventilated. Sorry to say, but two fans won't cut it for you. If possible, get another one and make sure it throws the air 'outside' the case.

    I'm also beginning to wonder if your GPU is faulty. Do you get this issue with other games as well or only NFS HP? That card shouldn't run so hot. If the problem persists, do not run the game(s)....that could (and would) fry your GPU! If its a faulty card, you could RMA it, provided its within the warranty. Try out some other games first, just oto be sure.
  4. Albeit the GPU is hot, you may want to check your CPU temps also. it definately sounds like the case has insufficient cooling. If you can play with the case's side cover off, it's definately a heat issue.
  5. I Played NFS HP for 15-20 min my removing the side Panel in Cabinet the temp went from initially 41 to 84 Temp...
  6. I feel the issue is with Processor.So I am thinking to replace with new Processor ? any suggestion on it
  7. If it were the processor it would be shutting down on more than just games. I hope 41 - 84 temp is for the GPU as those temps are certainly high for a CPU to the point it should throttle, then shut down. It sounds like you just have a heat issue.
  8. The processor doesn't seem to be the issue. As Hawkeye22 said, if it were then it wouldn't be happening only while running games. I'm quite certain its your GPU.

    While you were playing with the side panel off, did the machine shut down again?

    84 is still pretty high for your GPU. You should double check that it's the GPU temp only! If it is, you may have a faulty GPU. See if you can return it for a replacement?

    I would recommend installing another GPU (if it is possible) and running the game again. I know people usually don't have spare/ better GPU's lying around collecting dust, but like I said, 'if possible'. Because that would certainly point out the problem.
  9. the Temp was from Processor Core 0 and Core 1

    Core 0 raised to 84 with 100% load after 15min play

    then Core 1 raised to 60+ with 60% load

    After viewing this temp,I just logout from the Game...

    How to view the Temp of GPU ?

    this weekend planning to apply thermal paste b/w Processor and Fan....
  10. Download GPU-Z and monitor your temp's;10

    Those temp's are fatal for your processor! Could be that the heatsink/ fan on the processor isn't working. Possible options:

    1. Apply thermal paste as planned
    2. Change Heatsink on processor
    3. Consider changing the processor altogether.

    Just to be on the safer side, monitor your temp's with GPU-Z and post that as well.
  11. Wow, I hope those temps are due to a defective temperature probe or the software you are using to read the temps. At those temps I wouldn't be surprised if the CPU is throttling while gaming.

    Try HWMonitor. It should report CPU and GPU temps. Compare it with the temps you are currently getting. If it's still high, it's time to take action as namelessonez stated.
  12. ^+1

    On another note, what are the specs of your power supply unit? Model, brand, etc?
  13. SMPS Odysys 450Watts

    before Game

    GPU :- 57'c

    Core 0 :- 43
    Core 1 :- 48

    During Game

    Core 0 :- 79
    Core 1 :- 100

    GPU :- 62'c

    System gets shutdown when I give Nitrous Oxide continuously for 3-5 seconds.....

    But one thing to say you Guys Rockz.....
  14. That CPU either has a defective temperature diode or is possibly defective itself. At those temps it should be shutting down. Operating temps for that CPU are 55C-70C.


    I forgot there are two 5200's.
    Brisbane (65nm) = 55C-68C
    Windsor (90nm) = 55C-70C
  15. Brisbane (65nm) = 55C-68C
  16. Well, the good news is your GPU's fine! :P

    How old is your CPU? Is it within warranty? If so, look at returning it and getting a replacement. If not, well, it's not a bad idea to upgrade your CPU. The upgrade, if any, will depend on your motherboard model number.
  17. System is 2yrs old...Replacement will be given if it is not working one..........right? otherwise they will repair it and will give after 1 or 2 months.....

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