ABIT VP6 - SDRAM Compatibility Issue

Hello there,

Hope you can clear up a few things for me concerning the dual-processor mainboard - VP6. I am about to purchase this board, but need to find out the following before I do so.

1. Can the VP6 mainboard work reliably with 2 x Intel P3-1000MHz CPUs onboard?

2. VERY IMPORTANT... Is the VP6 mainboard compatible with NON-ECC SDRAM 168-pin memory (PC133)?

2a. SINGLE-SIDED and/or DOUBLE-SIDED memory...is this CRITICAL?
- 4 x single-sided SDRAM... OK?
- 4 x double-sided SDRAM... OK?
- 2 x single-sided & 2 x double-sided... OK?

2b. I am intending to install 2 x 512MB NON-ECC PC133 SDRAM...Will the board accept this configuration?
I also intend to add an extra 2 x 512MB NON-ECC PC133 SDRAM later on when I can afford it...will there be any problems with that?

2c. Will the board accept HYUNDAI and/or KINGMAX brand NON-ECC PC133 SDRAM memory? If not, what brands of NON-ECC SDRAM have been tested with this board.

It would be very much appreciated if you could help me out here.

Cheers all,

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  1. 1) Define "reliably"... It runs if that's what you're asking. Beyond that, without knowing more about the configuration, I would say that you're on your own.

    2) The VP6 DOES NOT support ECC RAM... Thus, it ONLY supports regular unbuffered PC133 RAM. This is actually a bad thing, and not a good thing by the way. You typically want ECC in ANY multi-processor motherboard.

    3) Using ALL single-sided memory will buy you a clock tick. Thus, Single sided RAM is better (See Mushkin Rev. 3 for details).

    4) AVOID "Value RAM" at all costs when used in a dual CPU system. Stick with the best for stability. Either Mushkin (best) or Corsair (Better) or Crucial (Good) CAS2 will be okay.

    5) Make sure you buy matched boxed processors. Mixing lots is not good if you are looking for stability in a multi-CPU system.


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