Questions about games and features with Origin (BF3 mainly) Any help?

Okay so ive downloaded Origin and i have pre-ordered Battlefiled 3 Limited Edition and Star Wars: The Old Republic Digital Dulux. Both are digital versions and ive got a few questions i hope you can help...

Firstly, when do the games become available to download? Cause 10GB will take me the best part of a day or 2 to download, im presuming they are available to download early but cannot be played obviously untill release date?

Secondly, the extras we get with them, e.g the back to karkland pack for BF3... How do we get hold of them? Will they be available to download from within the game once we have got it going or do i need to download that seperately?

Thirdly, will my ingame name be mt Origin name or will we be able to make accounts for the game once we have them?

Oh and the last thing... About early access and Beta trials, will they be through Origin? I dont know how they work?

Im sorry if these are stupid question i just havent used a system like Origin before, i have used steam but only for football manager and games which i've physicaly bought. Thanks for any help :)
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  1. Downloadable games should be available at 12am (or 12:01am) of the release date; whenever that is. Just about everyone is going to attempt to download at the same time so expect EA's servers to be slammed. Meaning you may not be able to connect, or you will be download very slow because EA will only have so much bandwidth for users. It could take a few or several days to fully download a game

    If you pre-ordered the limited edition version of the game, then the extra content will be part of the download.

    I never used Origin, but I would assume if you already created an account you would use that account to download and register all games from EA.

    Don't know about Beta trials, I'm not really interested in BF3.
  2. Thanks for the reply, has anyone used origin to pre order before?
  3. No but looking at the way they are going to be rolling it out they will be pulling all the stops to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Your Origin name is also going to be your name in BF3 also we have just found out that you are going to be limited to one solider profile
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