ABIT KT7A Raid Problem

I recently bought a new machine.. with the following setup:

AMD K7 1200/266
640mb CAS-3 133mhz RAM (2x256 + 128)
15gb IBM ATA-100/7200 for Boot + OS
2 x 20gb Quantum Fireball ATA-100/7200 as striped array (RAID-0)
ASUS 7100 (GeForce MX 32mb SDRAM)
Creative SB!Live Value
Yamaha 8424s scsi cdrw on Advansys fast scsi.
Windows 2000 SP2.

My problem is the RAID Array being awfuly slow..
I benchmarked it using Sysoft Sandra and and gave me very poor results (15ms accsses time, 20mb transfer rate...) - way lower than my single IBM drive (8ms - 40mb).
I enabled UDMA-5 on the raid bios and got the latest drivers to everything, and windows see's it all correct.
I didnt check the "real life" preformance but this machine is ment to handle audio on it and should be able to mix/edit more than few audio tracks in a row.

any idea what could be the problem?
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  1. If you try a few times, you will get different results. I doubt sandra for testing raid drives setup on the KT7A.

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  2. To answer your question: Windows 2000.


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  3. Why is Windows 2000 the problem? I have really slow RAID 0 drives too.

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  4. What do you mean by windows 2000 is the problem?
    RAID is hardware setup.. winbdows just sees it as 1 HD.
    Can you be more specific please?
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