Can I play black ops with following?

I have an Intel Pentium 111 Xeon processor x86 family 6 model 23
Current clock speed 2799 Mhz
Memory 2044 MB
Video GeForce 6800GS
Motherboard: Intel GMA X4500
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    Entire system is too old, i dont think so. You would need a 7800GT atleast. I would recommend a complete new build if you really want to be PC gaming.
  2. Black Ops sucks anyway. Get BC2 or wait for MW3 or BF3.
  3. You might have a problem getting good framerates with that setup. You should definitely go get a new build
  4. The game would be able to run on that rig, but it definitely won't be pretty.
    I'd suggest what others suggest.
    Buy a better one. We can even help you in building another rig if you're interested. :)
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