"Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device (3)"?

Hello there
My computer will random freeze up , so i checked the event viewer in windows 7 and before every unexpected shutdown this error showed : "Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device (3)". Event ID 56

I have : Flashed the BIOS , done many virus scans with AVG and Avast , checked if anything (CPU etc) was over heating , re-installed windows 7 and also reinstalled all MOBO drivers.

Any ideas whats wrong? Could it be a CPU or RAM problem?
Or is my only other option to buy a new motherboard?

Thanks very much in advance! This problem is very annoying!
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  1. When is the problem occuring, when going to sleep or when waking from sleep?
    Is it in a docking station?
  2. It happens randomly. Literally anytime.
    For instance most recently it was when i was playing WoW. Then the time before that i was watching a youtube video.

    Additional information : 1) This NEVER happens in Ubunutu.
    2) I tried to install windows XP , but it stops at the install at 34 minutes which says "Installing Devices"

    Not sure whether either of these are related to my problem , but just some extra info :)
  3. The only solution seen on the net was a complete reinstall of windows. Other threads were leaning towards memory or cpu. Try to isolate it to hardware by doing some testing. I'd start with memtest 86. Lets see if others have any suggestions.
  4. Thanks for your reply!
    Yeah its strange how re installing windows doesn't solve the problem.....which leads me to believe it is a hardware problem.
    Running mem test now.
    Is there a way to test mobo (usbs etc) , cpu and hard drives in a similar way to check if they are causing my computer to crash?

    Really appreciate your help!
  5. I use the disable method. I disable the usb in device manager and then turn off in Bios. If it's not there it can't cause problems. hard drive chkdsk /r and add in cards like sound, I pull out. Can you run WEI in performance, where does that program crash?
  6. Thanks again tried that , but no luck :(
    Still exactly the same error aswell , so its definitely the problem!

    Any other ideas? Sorry , what is WEI?
    Sorry to pester btw!

    Thanks! :)
  7. Windows experience index found in performance section.
    Tests CPU speed then Mem speed and Graphics speed. If it fails on this test it may narrow down the problem.
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