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Hi there, guys. The problem is like this:

I had a build with a Q6600/6GB DDR2-800/HD 5770. I've got a new one which is a 2500K@4.4/8GB DDR3-1333/GTX 460.

With the old build, everything worked normally. As you would expect from a build like that. The new build, however, is loading textures/objects in-game very, very slowly.

I run trough a game universe and see trees, people, barrels, grass, and all other kinds of objects loading slowly as hell. Only showing properly when I approach them.

It is as if every game I play has a setting "depth of view" turned to Normal-Very Low. Even though, if available, I always have it on the max.

Any idea why is this happening? Is it the GTX 460? HDD? Mobo? I can't figure out. Note that the HDD I'm running the games changed. It's the Samsung HD103SJ.

Thx in advance.

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  1. It might probably be the problem with your GPU.
    Download HWMonitor and record your temps while at
    1)idle and
    2)while at gaming. :)

    Do you experience this same problem with other games as well ?
  2. Yeah pretty much every game I think. Usually games that have many objects on the screen and far field of view, like MMOs, will be the real deal.

    Like Lord of the Rings Online... it's amazingly slow. Even Guild Wars! Can you believe it?

    Oh, and the HDD is fully defraged/optimized with Smart Defrag 2.
  3. Have you got the HD 5770 still with you, or did you sell it ?
    You could check if the video card has got any sorts of dust piled up on it.
  4. Here where I live there is always dust. In a matter of one day it's already there, really. I don't think it's that, though. This cheapo mobo was my first guess, does that happen?

    I'll search for the 5770 tomorrow, see how it will perform on this build and let you know. If it stops, it's the GTX 460, but that would be a major problem for me. Won't be able to buy anything new in the short term.

  5. If you've got warranty, then you could RMA that card and get a new one.
    What is your mobo BTW ?
  6. It's written on the picture there. ECS P67H2-A3.

    I have no warranty, that's the problem. :/
    Still need to check if it is the GPU. Will need to search for the Radeon tomorrow. Things are messy on the place I store things.

    Will be here tomorrow posting what happened. ;)
  7. Alright.
    Report back tomorrow. :)
  8. OFMG... I just did it and it's still the same...

    I guess that means it's the mobo? Have you ever seen something like that?

    Pretty sad... :(
  9. I've never actually seen a problem like this. Usually it had to do with the video card. But this !
    I don't think it's the problem with the motherboard. Could be with the OS. Although I don't know much about this. Do you still have the older rig with you ?
  10. Yeah. It's not assembled but I guess I should try and test the two GPUs there again. But I'm pretty sure both were normal on that rig. -_-

    Now I have no idea what should I change. Mobo, CPU, GPU, HDD...
    Can it be RAM? The RAM is also different. The other ones couldn't be used since it was DDR2.

    I just now thought about coming back to the mobos default settings and disable the OC. Can't even remember using this PC without OC so maybe it's this?

    Will keep you posted. Thank you for everything till now.

    PS: BTW, Is this the right place to post this problem? I thought Tom's had more users to help each other out. I might have posted in the wrong category so let me know.
  11. I just called backup and they might arrive shortly.
    You could have posted this down at the 'graphics and displays' or 'CPUs and components' section and not in the 'Video games' ones.

    I didn't quite well see that you had OC'd your CPU. You should try and put it in default and see if the problem goes away.
  12. Quote:
    Gman, ur backups were/ are either sleeping, having their breakfast or watching irene when u posted this

    Well, you are a part of the backup. :)
  13. when you installed the hdd was it from the old machine?. if so did you start from scratch with your o.s in that you formated and reinstalled, or did you just connect it and let your ols windows configure itself to the new setup?...
    if its the latter then that could be the route of all your issues.

    fresh install your o.s. if you didnt when you installed...
  14. Thank you all for coming, guys. Just tested again with default settings on the Mobo. No OC. Back to 3.3ghz from 4.4ghz. Still the same thing.

    It was a fresh install. First use of the HDD, RAM, CPU, PSU and MOBO. The GPU was used a little on the other system and I can't remember of this problem happening. It's happening now with both GPUs so it seems it's not them.

    The only softwares I notice this are, obviously, graphically intensive ones. Which for me are only games. I notice games that usually load everything before getting to the action, like Team Fortress 2, don't have this problem.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 have this problem frequently, usually grass. Lord of the Rings Online and Guild Wars are the amazing ones. Probably because they are MMOs. I run around and keep seeing everything loading. Things that I should see before I am less than 10 meters away. NPCs, textures, chairs, barrels, objects in general.

    The settings/games are the same on both rigs. It does not lag/shutter. The FPS seems to be as high as it should be on both cards.

    About updates for the mobo, I checked when I bought and there was no newer one.
    I also think I should tell you guys that the HDD feels very fast for a 7200 RPM drive. Loads the OS and apps, including the games, very fast. Yet... the objects on those games load as if I am using a terribly old drive.

    What do you guys think? Sounds like a motherboard problem?

    Greg, I am in Brazil. So... Yeah... XD
  15. After all that, I'm positive that it could be mobo that's the likely culprit.
  16. Greg, the thing is... As I said before I tested both GPUs and it is still the same. Clean install with latest drivers. Tried different drivers too. It's weird, mate :/

    I'll try to reassemble that older rig and test both GPUs in there just to be 100% sure it's not them. What are the other possibilities? Just the mobo?

    And, yeah... Every place I've been in Brazil there was a lot of dust XD. Mainly if you live near or inside the poor part of the cities, like me, where some roads are still not, or not completely asphalted.
  17. try downloading latest DX9
    win7 doesnt come with it updated

    worth a try
  18. is it a new game?

    if i remember right peolple had a problem with assasins creed brotherhood

    there problem was the hdd was too sliw for the game and thats why some stuff pops up when your close because it is behind in loading it

    best thing to do is search for that particuler game and you will find other. people who have the same issue

    (sorry if this is hard to understand im typing on andriod)
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