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One of my buddies has a Hewlett Packard Pavilon 8770c. Of course it has the crappy HP bios on it. I was wondering if it is possible to flash the bios with the latest version of the actual motherboard bios. According to SiSoft Sandra the mobo is a Asus K7M. One problem that might come up is that Sandra also says something like "Bios is flashable but surface mounted so flashing could be fatal." As opposed to my system that states "Bios is flashable and socketed so it can be upgraded when needed". My question is how fatal woudl this be? If i backed up the original bios and then tried flashing with the new and it failed could I return it to the original bios? Or is it even possible?
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  1. HP uses Phoenix BIOS, Asus uses Award, and never the twian shall meet. If you can figure out a way, please tell us more. Additionally, HP orders their motherboards with several parts removed, including ALL the parts that allow overclocking. So even if you can get the BIOS onto the chip, chances are it won't work.
    This is were your little Sandra warning comes in. It's basically telling you that the BIOS chip is soldered onto the motherboard, so if you screw it up, you can't replace it.

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