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Honestly I have no idea where this goes, but since it involves games, I think it goes here.

Anyways so about a few weeks ago I finally got my port forwarding to work, so I've been playing like Quake 1 and Terraria and Doom with some friends, but all of the sudden it all just stopped working today. I deleted all of my forwarded ports and re-added them, but that didn't work. I forwarded different ports with no luck.

In Doom (Skulltag,) when my friend tries to find my server, he can find my server, but the server just says <NO RESPONSE> so I have no idea what's going on. In Quake, he can't connect to my IP at all. Terraria is the same as Quake.

Any reason why it would randomly stop working?? The router or whatever that I have is the NETGEAR WNR1000v2-VC. I forwarded ports 27010-27020 for Doom, 26010 for Quake, and 7777 for Terraria, and I triggered the ports and everything. :fou:
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  1. Follow the exact directions from here:


    Then download PFPortChecker from here:


    Install and use to check for fowarded ports. Some tips: Make sure you have a static IP. If you don't you'll need to set up a virtual server (worked on my router without having a static IP) and forward the ports using that instead.
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