Abit KT7, KT7A & bios update: 1 trashed mobo

Now, maby some other people did not have this problem but me and a friend of mine rendered our mobos useless because of this.
We both downloaded the bios file (archive), he the YH and me the ZT version and extracted it somewhere.
We ran the runme bat and all was ok.
When restarted the pc nothing happened. We've tryed everything (with the power cord and everything) but the mobo was DEAD.
And i've used the right boot disk (win98 sys a:)
The floppy didn't have bad sectors before or after the copying.
(All this happened about 3 months ago)
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  1. did you try clearing CMOS?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. My god, how about everything ?
    Anyway, this is not like the first time i do it!
    I've been doing bios flashing from the days of the pentium pro on all types of mobos with all kinds of chips.
    I've sent a mail to the ABIT people but got no response.
    Do u think that if i wouldn't ran out of options i would ask for help?
    Heck NO!
    So, in conclusion :
    archive : OK
    bootdisk :OK
    flashing :OK
    clearing cmos after reboot (with pulling the power cable out) :OK
    bad-less floppy :OK
    What the hell went wrong ?
    Remember , i'm not the only one who had this problem!
  3. Do the systems begin to boot and then shut themselves down in 3 seconds?

    If this is the case you need to plug a fan, with RPM sender, into Fan Header #1. This can be a case fan if you CPU fan doesn't have the RPM sender. Without this fan the BIOS will automatically shut the system down.
  4. Well, the fan and stuff is OK.
    Actually when i press the power button the only thing happening is that the power led light is on (in other words, nothing happens).
  5. Quote:
    "ran out of options", "My PC is VERRYYYY DEAD !"

    So what are you asking questions in here for? Get a new one!

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  6. I can only think of two more things to try.

    1. Try booting in Failsafe mode. To do this disconnect system from power and then reconnect. While you are powering up hold down the <b>INSERT KEY</b>.

    2. Check the motherboard mounts for shorts. Make sure all the standoffs mate with a mounting hole on the motherboard.

    If you downloaded your BIOSes from Abit I know they are both good, having used both the YH and ZT versions myself. Not that this is any consulation to you.
  7. Don't know if this will help, but I had a similiar problem and reset the bios several times to no avail. I set the MB aside, thinking it cooked and had an idea about six months later. I threw it in a tower, hooked it all up, reset the bios through the jumper and this time took out the CMOS battery for a few moments and then reinstalled it. Everything was back to normal operation.
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