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Hi guys, this might be a bit off topic but, I'm experiencing some difficulties when hooking up my PS3 with my PC monitor with a HDMI-DVI cable. My PC monitor is Samsung P2250 21.5", supports 1080p and has DVI HDCP. My PS3 is slim model 320GB. When I turn on my PS3, it will turn on and nothing will be displayed on my monitor. Occasionally, the fan in the PS3 will start running very fast and turn off after that. When I press the PS button on my controller and it will keep flashing. I've tried turning on the PS3 and holding the power button to reset it but the problem still persists. I am able to use it with my HDTV in the living room using a HDMI cable. There was once when i tried plugging out my PS3 from the PC monitor, plugging my PS3 to my HDTV and plug it back to my PC monitor, and it worked! I tried it after reading something about HDCP storing inside the cable and it will reset or something.

The possible causes:
1) Sony PS3 - PC monitor problem
2) HDCP problem(I've done some research on it however, my monitor has HDCP)
3) Faulty HDMI-DVI cable

These are just the causes which I think is the cause of the problem. If there's any other problems that you guys think would be probable, please tell me. Thank you very much for your help.

*Those who live in Singapore and uses SingNet, I just wanna ask, is your internet slow recently? Mine has been unexceptionally slow these few days.
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  1. Well there are settings within your PS3 that you have to switch to a different connection. I am not sure why the HDMI wouldn't be read but it may not be compatible. I do know this much, HDMI on the PS3 only supports 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. There's no 480i support. No HDCP, no display - at all. I searched around and found that. Hope that helps.
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