PS2 Slim power fuse bypass

i ned to know where the power fuse terminal is and how to bypass it's use because i have blown the fuse in the f-ing terminal. someone tell me how to do it
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  1. you mean the plug top?

    buy a new plug top from shop,

    chop old plug off and attach wires in new plug and it should work

    live = brown
    neutrol = blue
    earth = green and yellow

    (in the uk at least)

    you mean internal fuse or external,

    im not responsible for the advice i am about to give you, you do this at your own risk and you will learn to live with the consequences if you do it wrong

    find a diagram online for the fuse, you can then put some solder on the fuse to bypass it but if you do that and have same problem again say by by ps2
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