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Just a heads up. If you are trying to download the spacemarine demo in the uk on steam and it isn't showing anywhere after redeeming your code. Open internet explorer and go here - steam://install/55410
Don't know how or why but read it here : and it works.
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  1. How's the demo looking? I pre-ordered it without giving much thought to the game. Is the demo any good?
  2. I like the demo, I kept dying a bunch because I am not very good at the game, but it looks to be pretty well done.
  3. Demo is great fun but very short. You get to try part of the campaign with a big battle at end of level. Melee is awesome, you have to stun (F) and then execute (E) enemy to regain health. Which means you keep getting stuck in, you do have to time your executions though as you still take damage from other enemies.
    The other part of the demo you get a jetpack and can try out the aerial attacks and flying around, multiplayer is gonna be awesome I think.
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