Odd stuttering issue

Ok so I have an odd stuttering issue while playing COD: Black Ops (this is not necessarily restricted to this game, just the only one that I can easily tell that its happening in... plus I play this the most)

My issue is that on my screen I am running completely smooth, no lag, skips, stutters, screen tears or anything, except sometimes I get CI when this issue is happening. To others (either spectators or other players watching my character in game) I am stuttering around or teleporting if you will.

I noticed that my ping is generally maxing out at 70 ms and low of 50 ms when this issue is not happening but it is 100 ms to 130 ms.

The odd thing is that I dont see it but others do, and it seems completely random when it happens and last for a long time but seemingly different amounts of time... i havent sat through it for long enough to time it or anything, its frustrating.

I am running at 200 fps max and even turning down my graphic settings (lowest of the low) the issue still happens so i know that it is not my graphics.

Could it be a black ops issue (not likely I believe because I have been playing it for a while and this is a new issue) or is it a network issue.
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  1. It definitely sounds like a connectivity issue. What's your network configuration?
  2. I'm running a lan connection but I am going through my router... I thought that it could have been the problem so I direct connected to my modem and the problem persisted.
  3. maybe you have a faulty network cable or something....
  4. thats what I was thinking too, im going to buy some new cables soon and im going to see if that changes anything
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