Regarding mw2

when i trying to launch mw 2 some errors appears like "could not load____ file, and make sure u r running from proper folder"

i am really disappoint from these error please help me..
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  2. Firstly, you need to tell us how you got the game. Did you purchase it (retail, online, etc) or did you download it for free?
  3. Is the game legit ?
    Did you try re-installing ?
  4. For an explanation on why you are asked if the game is retail, steam, or "free". Each responce gives us troubleshooters a different set of criteria. "free" games have a high failure rate, especially with odd troubles and bugs. That being said, we can't troubleshoot such games on the forums as it is against forum policy (disregarding personal policy as well).

    What is the file? how was it installed? what media?
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