Arma 2 will it run with my system?

hi there, can anyone tell me will ARMA 2 run ok with this system?

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional Edition (64-Bit) Processor AMD Phenom II (Quad Core)
WiFi Card, Graphics Card, Network Card, Operating System Processor Speed: 3.2GHz
Chip Type: AMD Phenom II 840 x4 Memory (RAM): 8GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 1000.0 Hard Drive: 1TB
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB Primary Drive: CD-RW/DVD Combo, DVD+/-RW

thanks in advance!
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  1. ArmA II is an intensive game ( mostly CPU intensive like Starcraft 2 during the cutscnes ), badly coded too. So I'd say you won't be able to run the game well.
    Your GPU is the first thing that I'd point out. It isn't designed for gaming and would run Arma 2 like a slideshow.
    Your CPU and other specs are good.
  2. Actually arma is more cpu intensive than it is gpu. You can probably play but don't expect anything spectacular because that gpu is still a bit of a bottleneck.
  3. Head over to Armaholic, there are threads regarding qutie a few performance tweaks that will get ARMA II and ARMA II OA running on just about anything.
  4. cheers buddy, il take a peek
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