Batman arkham asylum no voices in cutscenes

Batman arkham asylum has no voices by characters in cutscenes but the music plays.
I have onboard logitech sound card on intel dg31pr motherboard.i have two speakers and a subwoofer.i have googled this problem and read many forums but no fix yet.
Is there a solution after about 2 years from game launch.please help
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  1. sorry the onboard card is realtek and not logitek
  2. Is it a legit copy of the game or did you download it for free?
  3. It is free one.the install folder size is about 6.3gb
  4. Therefore, a pirated/ illegit copy! You won't get help here on pirated games.

    Tom's Hardware does not help with pirated versions of games. It's against the forum rules.

    Buy the original!
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