**** Windows Xp Vs Windows 7 for gaming? ****

Okay so which Windows would get me more FPS with my gaming system here are the specs.

2gb ddr2 667mhz ram
radeon 4670 1gb
pentium d 805 @ 2.66ghz

SO which OS would be better for gaming giving me more FPS? i dont care about direct 11 or 10. i just want to know which gives more FpS. thank you :)
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  2. Win 7 will be a bit better. Win 7 releases RAM to games when they desperately need it, so generally you'll see a little improvement over Win XP with Win 7.
  3. Really even with a kinda slow proocessor and only 2gb ram. and the fact that xp has uses less resources ???

    so are you saying if i switched to windows 7 (which i have a spare copy) then in batman arkham asylum of assasians creed brotherhood or pes 2012 i would see a BETTER framerate on windows 7 ???
  4. bump. need answers. thank you.
  5. Possibly, but this is all dependant on your GPU. I would recommend updating all software once you get Win 7 (which is easy, BTW) and to attempt a slight overclock on your graphics card. Your RAM isn't going to gain from overclocking, the CPU isn't strong enough, but a little bump on the CPU and graphics card itself isn't going to hurt now is it?
  6. i get vpu recover errors on my graphics card and that is why when i am gaming i have to underclock my gpu depending on what game the core clock may have to be underclocked by 50-100mhz.

    so i cant overclock my graphics card and btw it is powercolour.

    and i dont know how to overclock my proccesor but if u could help me then i would like to :)
    atm according to speedfan

    dle temp according to speedfan:
    Temp 1: 38C
    Temp 2: 42C
    Temp 3: -128C
    HDD : 39C

    ingame MW2: (MAX TEMPS when i was playing in windowed mode and maximising spedfan to check results)
    Temp 1: 41
    Temp 2: 55C
    Temp 3: -128C
    Hdd: Dunno forgot

    and i have stock cooling so i dont know whether i can overclock it or not ??

    anyway so if i dont overclock anything, will i get a performance decrease if i upgrade to windows 7 because if games are mostly gpu dependant and windows 7 is gpu dependant then wont it slow it down :(.
  7. with the system you have your best sticking with xp. if you like you could skin it to look like 7 but really switching over just wouldnt be worth the hastle
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