What can i play with...

So hey guys what new games coming out could i play with this:

AMD Phenom II 1045T Six-Core Processor 2.70 GHz


AMD Radeon HD 6450 512mb cache
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  1. Your videocard will limit you from playing upcoming games. Games may run but you'll probably get worst framerates.
  2. So everthing else is good? cuz i m going to upgrade gpu anyways?
  3. yeah, as long as you have a psu that can handle the new GPU
  4. Upgrade the GPU and you could play anything. The more you spend the better the settings/framerates will be.

    However there's a monthly buying guide here at Tom's hardware for the best bang for your buck:


    Good luck!

  5. If you are going to upgrade it either ways, then we can help you out on that. :)
    1) What's your budget for the new video card ?
    2) What is the brand and model no. of your PSU ?
    3) What is your monitor native resolution ?
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