Does right click do anything in the game Civ 5

Hi Toms Hardware.:) Is right click used for any of the game functions in civ 5? Thank you.
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  1. Why do you ask ?
    Yes, it's a RTS game so you're going to have to use the mouse all the time. :)
    You can remap the controls though.
  2. oh ok. im wondering if you need right click in the game. i know its mostly left click but if i can remap the controls thats great. thank you:)
  3. At some points you have to right click.
    Is there a problem with your mouse or something ?
  4. my friend uses a left click (one-click button) only type mouse because of a disability and im thinking of installing civ 5 for him. he uses an on screen keyboard key for right click and i dont know if the onscreen keyboard will be available in the game.
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    You can play the game while in windowed mode then. Just go through the settings and in options-> Video opptions->Fullscreen.
    Or you can just press Alt+Enter. :)
  6. Or get him a Razer Naga/Logitech G13 :) The Naga uses mainly thumb movements (middle finger isn't a necessity, though the Naga is obviously designed for people to use their middle finger.) Logitech G13 (or the Razer/Saitek equivalents) are left hand keyboard like control pads, with basic keys, analogue stick and a variety of programmable buttons. Either could be of use to your friend :)

  7. I've just been playing Civ 5 this week, quite a lot (too much, really!) and I don't think I right-clicked once. Whenever you click on a unit, a context box appears at the bottom left of the screen, with all the various options available for it.
  8. thank you for all your help. he can't grip a mouse, he pushes up withe top of his wrist to click the one-button and controls the cursor with a sensor on his forehead. im a.civ5 addict too.and I don't remember using right click either. windowed mode sounds like the way to.go though, that way he can trade money: ). thank you everyone for the replies.:)
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