CoD WaW CooP Problems Help Please!!

Hi Dunno if this is the right place to ask but i'm gonna ask anyway,
Right, Im trying to play CoD WaW CooP online, Me, my Brother and a friend online.
I have one pc connected to net via ethernet cable, and the other connected via wireless.

The problem is that when one of the pc's is hosting a coop game, the other cannot join. And if i get my friend online to host then only one of the pc's can join ??
Both games are original with their own cd keys. I have virgin media super hub 50mb modem/router
Pls Help!! :)
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  1. So I'm going to assume its saying "cannot connect to host" or something like that? Nothing about CD key error? Anyways, try adding eachothers accounts as friends on WAW. So then say your friend hosts, and sends game invites to both of you (as your now friends on WAW) and u accept via that. I know that sometimes when you go to your server filters and set it to friends, it cant find the server for some reason, its kind of retarted... lol
  2. Already tried that, still doesnt allow me to connect, it just says server is no longer available.
  3. Does it let you and your brother play via LAN? Like will it let you make a LAN lobby and let you and your brother play (just you two)?
  4. hi dude i dodnt know if this will work but maybe try connectimg the other computer instead of wireless to wired im not sure if it will work because i have CoD WaW on the 360 but it may do something.
    signed LONEWOLF 117
  5. To nadim615- No we can't play lan either.

    To LONEWOLF 117- Can't do that because the modem is downstairs and the wireless pc is upstairs :)
  6. So you two are both connected one the same network (via wireless) and both have legitimate copies of WAW (no keygen used, you only used the keycode you got in the box, and didnt give it out to anybody). And you cant connect via LAN?! Dam that should ALWAYS work... Can you guys connect to ANY games online (other online servers that people are hosting). Or what about only ONE of you connecting to your friend, does that work?
  7. We can both play Call of duty united offensive on the same server. If my friend online hosts on CoD WaW then only one of us can join.
  8. Are you sure firewall settings arent blocking you guys from connecting to eachother on WAW? Also are you running the game via steam? If your running it via steam, try it without steam... see if that works. If you bought it off steam, well thats different :P But you said you bought the disc, which means you DONT need steam to run it.
  9. :D nope don't have or need steam and i'll try turning off both firewalls tomorrow.
  10. mmk
  11. Right, so, I disabled the firewall on both computers, hosted online coop with pc No.1, and invited No.2, No.2 tried to connect but stopped and displayed the message - Game Session no Longer Available....

    But weird thing happened, I think its the solution.

    Hosted online game with PC No.1, then went to the find game option with No.2 and set it to search for a lan game and the server was there, I clicked connect and it connected instantly.

    I haven't tried inviting my online friend to the server but it should work, strange though that i cant connect when being invited??!! :)

    Gonna try playing online coop tonight, Me, My bro and my friend online, I will let you know if I have any more trouble
  12. kk hope all goes well! :D
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