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I have Tower DELL GX280 i have been
upgrade with 3 Gig of Ram ,XFX Geforce 9400GT 512 Mb but still i am facing problem to play games e.g GTA IV , Assassin's Creed II etc their is one thing more i don't upgrade my processor would you please tell me best gaming processor under low budget

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  1. What sort of low budget are you talking about? $75 low? $100 low? $150 low? Also what socket is your mobo? Are you just looking to game or will you be doing any sort of encoding, video editing, or anythring of the sort which will make use of quad core+?
  2. A 9400GT isn't good enough to play games like AC2 and GTA IV. And since GTA IV needs a quad core to run properly. But you've got a Pentium 4.
    The Dell Optiplex GX280 has got a LGA 775 socket.
    So you can go for a Core 2 Quad. But what is your budget ?
  3. Also, why did you give a heading like that ?
    "Windows 7 new version" ?
    It's a bit misleading since you want a new processor.

    Also, just having a better processor won't do. You'll need to upgrade that GPU as well.
  4. Oh I didn't even see that xD not used to seeing pre-built desktops. I didn't know they still existed. ;P(jk)

    Well, yeah..

    I consider that a good low budget cpu... But as Gman said, that gpu is pretty weak and you will need to upgrade it.
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