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Had a lan party a few weekends ago on black ops. Everyone was on a wired connection but the same kid in the party kept getting host? Was it because he had a nicer Ethernet cable and do they matter that much to getting host? Also do Ethernet cables effect internet speed and stuff? My internet seems to have different speeds on every computer in our house...(all wired)
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  1. Ethernet cables are generally all the same. The only difference would be if there were CAT 6 mixed in with the CAT 5, and I don't know if that would make a difference. Perhaps his NIC (network card) was higher-speed (1000MB instead of 10/100MB).
  2. The cable's shouldn't matter. Though it's not a big deal when your lanning who has host on BOPs. You could also look into how the cables were connected into the router. It may give the first cable host.
  3. So for my computers would I get more speed if i upgraded them all to cat6?
  4. Only if you are also using Gigabit NICs. On a 10/100 network card, Cat5 or Cat5E would be just fine.
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