The sims 2 wont show neighborhoods

I've downloaded the Sims 2 onto my pc & when I start it none of the neighborhoods show up & I'm unable to create a neighborhood. When I first bought this game it worked fine, but I took it off my computer to play WoW, & now I'm reinstalling it & the neighborhoods aren't showing up & you can't create.
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  1. What are your PC specs ?
    Do a complete and clean re-install of the game.
    Did you try and install any of the expansions ?
    Is the game patched ?
  2. I have Windows XP & my pc meets all of the requirements for the game. I've reinstalled it 3 times now. Once I installed everything that I have for it, all expacs & stuffs, but this time it's just the Sims 2 by itself. I haven't done any patching yet.
  3. Patching should help.
    Definitely patch the game to the latest version.
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