wtf is going on with my computer?

Ok, i just put together my new box:
Asus A7A266 mobo
AMD Athlon 1.4 Ghz Processor
512 MB DDR Ram
75 Gig Hard Drive
Voodoo 3 2000
50x Cd-rom
and all the little things that make it work...

anyways, first thing i wanted to instal was Win2k right...and it whenever it would start to partition my hard drive to NTFS, at the end, it would say "Setup was unable to partition your hard drive. disk may be damaged". so i went in dos and typed format c: and formated everything to FAT32. i tried installing it again, and it gave me this weird as error. the whole monitor turned blue and there was some writing on the top, guessing it was the error (but it was all numbers) and it said to resart the computer and try again, and if it continues, to do check hardware and software compatability....but why wouldn't win2k be compatable with my computer? anyways, i reformated and installed winme, and it worked fine! so then, i tried upgrading winme to win2k, and it coppied all the files perfectly, and i was like "alright, this is cool, it's going past where it stopped before. then it starts to install the startmenu and registry and [-peep-], and boom, it gives me the error whenever it god damn pleases, never at the same place. anyone got any suggestions? i really dont like the fact i built this box and i cant use win2k cuz something's [-peep-] up. if you guys can help with any suggestions, i'd really appriciate it. thanks! - tommy
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  1. Try using FDISK and repartition the disk then format again.
  2. i try using fdisk, but it still does that. whenever i choose fdisk, it makes it even worse since fdisk does an "unknown" partition. is there any way i can get fdisk to make an NTFS partition? thats one of my problems. the other problem is getting win2k to instal. maybe it's the motherboard? maybe it's the hard drive? what do you think could be wrong? any solutions? - tommy
  3. Not a Win2K user so no help in that area but doesn't Win2K have it's own partitioning software?

    You mentioned you were trying FAT32. I thought that the old partitioning might be getting in the way. Repartitioning should have removed 3rd party drive manager software, as well, not needed these days.

    I assume your BIOS had no difficulties auto-detecting your hard drive's parameter.

    Sorry, I can't think of anything else.
  4. yeah, win2k has it's own program in win2k that formats the partition to NTFS, but it doesnt work, it gives me a problem.

    I have an Old P2 350 that i had been useing before i built this box, and i wanted to see if the motherboard would take such a big hard drive. it did, so i installed win2k on it, and it just finished formating and it's not installing - weird as hell. it was probably the bios on my other motherboard, or maybe it's the motherboard. what could have caused it not to work on my new box, and it works on my old box?

  5. I once read, while reading some Abit KT7 info (I think), that transplanting a hard drive from one system to another does not always work because FDISKing is different using different mobo chipsets. The new system has trouble because of this. I had never heard this before. I thought that once partitioned drives were standardized. Doesn't help you if you can't repartition.

    I just found some new information. Even though it says Win2K is not affected you might want to follow all the links.

    <A HREF=" does FDISK not recognise my disk (or RAID array) which is larger than 64GB?" target="_new">Start Here</A>. (Sometimes the link is slow).
  6. alright, now someone please explain to me what this means!

    i installed win2k in the hard drive, ran perfectly on the old computer, so i put it in my new one, and it starts to load win2k! then, when it says "Windows 2000 Profesional" on the boot screen, it cuts to a blue screen and says:
    *STOP: 0x0000007b (0xeb81f84c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    and then it tells me to restart the comp, and if it still says that, to uninstall any hardware i had put in that may have caused this problem. now, wtf is going on here? :-\

  7. Windows, which you installed using one computer, does not recognize the hardware of the new computer.
  8. You might want to try Partition Magic so you can partiton and format the disk as NTFS.

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