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PS3 not working with LED tv

I have been looking for 2 weeks now an have not come along any working solution as to the issue I am experiencing. I will summarize my problem below, and if anyone has a working fix or experienced this issue, any feedback would be much appreciated.

I recently bought a new 46" 1080p 120Hz Westinghouse television. My PS3 is the 80GB backwards compatible model, and it will not connect to the my television via HDMI. For whichever reason, I can not get it to work.

Before I get a response of, "press the power button, hold it for 3 secs etc." I want to make clear I can get my PS3 to connect to my old SHARP LCD 1080i 60hz television just fine using the aforementioned method to reset the picture and have the PS3 link up.

I believed it to be the television set, so I called in Geeksquad from Bestbuy because I bought an extended warranty on the tv---I mean let's face it, it's a Westinghouse. They sent in a guy who was in his 50's who needed a magnifying glass with a built in light to see the remote control. He assumed I had a power outage and that because of this mysterious power outage I never had, the HDMI wasn't working and the tv was automatically faulty. He thought that the tv was bad since it was not displaying the whole picture because it had black bars on the sides of the picture. I tried to explain to him this was because it was connected via the composite A/V cables which the resolution only goes up to 480i. He thought he could fix this by changing the zoom function on the tv to 'Oversan' which basically blows the picture up at 480i on the screen but cuts off most of the picture. This guy obviously didn't know what he was talking about or what he was doing. I only had the television for 8 days at this point.
So I had a friend bring over a device that would connect to my Westinghouse via HDMI and sure enough it worked fine. His DVD player could change resolutions up to 1080p just fine. We even used his HDMI cord on my PS3, but still my PS3 would not even sync up to the tv. He told me it his cord was very old so we assumed it could be the HDMI cord, so I purchased a 1.3a HDMI cord and it still wouldn't work. I contacted SONY support to see if this was an issue with their older PS3's and tech support didn't know much on the subject besides the script their given. They were helping me but we couldn't come to a solution to have the PS3 work via the HDMI cable. We even reset the PS3 and got to the 'Safe Mode' screen via the composite cables of course. It just had to be that the PS3 and the newer television were just incompatible. I contacted Westinghouse support and they basically told me to return the tv and get a different brand since I was within the store's return policy. I can't even make this up I was really shocked.

So, yesterday I went and returned the Westinghouse television, explained the situation to the BestBuy rep and was given in exchange and $53.80 more a Toshiba 46" 1080p 120hz LED tv to give it a go. After setting up the tv, and basking in the awesomeness that is LED technology I tried connecting my PS3 80GB backwards compatible console via the HDMI cable and nothing! Still does not work. I thought, I must be doing something wrong, I brought in my older 32" Sharp LCD 1080i 60hz television and was able to sync up just fine, so I tried adjusting the HD settings via the LCD tv (1080p) and would then switch the cord back over to the new Toshiba LED tv thinking that would do the trick and still nothing. I put the HDMI cord back into the LCD tv and boom HD gloriousess, switched over to the LED tv and nothing. I tried adjusting some of the settings on the tv but the Toshiba manual is literally an extended sized brochure with little to no information besides what the buttons do on your remote. The specs are essentially identical to what I had before in the Westinghouse. I called Toshiba, but let's face it, these overseas guys are more likely to infuriate you with their passive-aggressiveness than to even help.I had an overseas rep suggest that I rename the input to PS3 instead of HDMI 1.

I also tried adjusting the settings blindly via the old press 'X' then 'left d-pad' then 'X' then 'down d-pad 3x' to 1080p then 'X' etc. I just don't understand why I am having such difficulties, especially with 2 entirely different brands of LED tv's. The HDMI cord I have works fine on my older LCD tv, and the HDMI ports on the newer LED tv obviously work when using a different HD device (DVD player etc.).

Does anyone think this is it because the tv is 120 hz? Shouldn't the tv adjust accordingly if this were the case perhaps? Does anyone know of a fix?

Here's my set up below:
PS3 80 GB backwards compatible NTSC

Toshiba 46" LED TV
-480/720/1080 i/p
-HDCP compliant
-asks for 1.3a HDMI cord

****I have just ordered a 1.4 HDMI high-speed/3D/ethernet cord and hopefully using this will do the trick. If it does I will update this thread with the solution which I hope does the trick. I should receive it by next week some time. 09/02/11 - 09/05/11

--If anyone has experienced this and has come to a solution please let me know. I have been trying to play games in 480i but sometimes I can not even read what I am supposed to do since the words become so pixelated and distorted.
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    I don't have an answer for you, sorry. But I do know as of a few ps3 updates ago, they included the ability to play 3D blue ray's and 3D games. This requires a 3D tv of course, all of which are 120Hz or higher. Therefore the ps3 should have no problems with a 120Hz television.

    From my understanding of 120hz tv's, there is currently no broadcast stations that run at 120hz, they run at 60hz. The tv upconverts the refresh rate to 120hz much like tv's can upconvert the resolution from 480i to 1080i.
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