Problem with lan drivers

every time i shut down my pc and when i boot it again, the lan icon says not connected, on troubleshooting it says the hardware or drivers have problem..
i uninstall the driver, restarts and reinstall from the disk. it starts working again.. but the same happens when i shut down again..
plz help me out it really is very irritaing and kills aound 10 minutes on each boot
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    Try updating the driver from intel.
  2. d1rtyju1c3 said:
    Try updating the driver from intel.

    I CHECKED FOR IT.. driver is up to date..
  3. Un-install driver and see if windows7 will apply it own driver.
  4. yea it did .. have tried it once. the same problem again
  5. look i device manager and see if it is the device list.
  6. d1rtyju1c3 said:
    Try updating the driver from intel.

    actually i was updating from windows only.. i browsed through intel site, found the drivers and installed it..
    working all goo now...
    thnx :) :)
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  8. No problem.
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