I cant play crysis 2 multiplayer demo

i dont know what to do after install. when im install the demo what do i need to do next? pls help me i really wanna play that demo.crysis 2 multiplayer demo.after install how can i play? where will i find the demo after install? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. The demo was shut down in January when the game was released, some sites just haven't gotten around to removing the file from there download sections. It wont work, there are no servers.
  2. oh ok thanks.but i have the same problem whit other demos.what do i do after install? where can i find the demo what had being install? only demo what was work was halo trial
  3. Most will give you the option to put a shortcut on the desktop when you install, if not browse "All Programs" and you should find an EA or Crytek or whatever folder that has a shortcut to the games launcher in it.
  4. thanks
  5. when there is a MP demo. typically it isnt released for the full duration of the game's life cycle.
  6. ok how i know what MP demo is still working?
  7. If it is a "beta" typically it doesn't play past a certain date that is predetermined by the development company as a demo is just that and should be out for the duration of the game as long as the servers are active
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