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Subject sounds too broad but humor me. I've been out of the gaming loop for awhile but looking forward to getting back into it. The last game series I really got into was Half Life 2 followed by about six months of WoW before I set games aside.

I'm building a new system in anticipation of Skyrim and SWTOR which aren't released for another few months. In the meantime I'd like to play something that will make the most of my new system. The COD series has basically passed me by and I've only played a little of World at War (mostly Nazi Zombies as I didn't like the campaign that much).

If you had to recommend ONE of following....?

Crysis (original)

Or toss something else out there.

My system:

Intel i5 2500K (will OC to ~4.5ghz)
ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
8gb 1600mhz DDR3
Pair of EVGA GTS 450 1GB (SLI)
Crucial M4 128gb SSD

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  1. Play the CoD's, Crysis 2 which will tax your system pretty good, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution... there's a longer list, but you didn't say which kind of game you prefer (I assumed it's mostly FPS-type games from what you mentioned).
  2. out of the 3 you mentioned i would pick crysis original

    the graphics even though its an older game are still stunning if your hardware is up to it

    i also prefer that its a totally free roaming game the other 2 you listed basically make you follow a set path with very little deviation allowed
  3. Thanks, yes I enjoy first-person games although they don't have to be shooters. Free-roaming is good :)

    I just saw some trailers for the STALKER series. I'm a huge fan of post-apocolyptic scenarios. Would I be missing anything important if I jumped in with either Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat?

    Same question about Crysis 2?
  4. the stalker series are really good--though can be slow going as the maps huge and you can only walk or run--no driving

    crysis 2 was pretty good as well and theres a directx 11 patch out for it now so graphics should be even better as well
  5. The COD games hands down.
  6. Metro 2033 is my only recent must-play game, and you must play it. But only with a killer GPU.

    Playing that game on a 5970 was quite an experience.

    If you RPGs try the Mass Effect series. Those are great games.
  7. I'd recommend all the games you've listed.
    COD4 MW is a great game with great storyline and gameplay.
    COD6 MW2 is also requally good, but with a short single player campaign.
    Crysis with it's outstanding graphics and gameplay.
    Crysis 2 with good visuals and gameplay.
    Metro 2033 with a dark atmosphere and a great storyline.
    Basically, they're lots more. :)
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