Razer drivers suck

Hi I just bought a new Razer DeathAdder 3500 mouse, it looked simple and not overly advanced like some of their other mice, and I thought, why buy another Logitech Mx518 ;P

Turns out the drivers are ***, in Button Assignment specifically. I play alot of MMOs and I use mouse button 4 and 5 bound to Shift and Ctrl respectivly so I can jump from shift 3 to 3 and ctrl 3 in a split second without moving my left hand.

This works excellent on my former mice: Mx518x2 Microsoft Inetllimouse Explorer 3.0 and so on. But the drivers for Razer seems slow and unresponsive, if I click and hold mouse button 4 (shift) and start spamming 3 it's gonna first spam regular 3, then after a few more 3's it's gonna jump to shift 3. Sometimes it even jumps to control 3 then back down to shift. In an MMO this is a disaster, (lets use wow as example) it blows cooldowns, can take you out of bearform durng tanking, can taunt when you're not supposed to and so on.

Anyone know a good solution? maybe user drivers? I read on another forum that some people never install razer drivers cause they suck and they just want their mouse to look cool. Is razer that bad? They have alot of presence in the gaming community but if it's only cause they focus on looks...

Probably some third party program I can use to rebind the keys.
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  1. Are u tlaking about the naga razor?
    If so idk what ur talking about cuz i love it for wow and all games.
  2. I have the same mouse and it works perfectly, try reinstalling the drivers or something, because mouse 3/mouse 4 work wonderful for me
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