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Hey guys, I've been playing through some of my older pc games as of late, waiting on the new ones I care to try, and I finally got around to installing Morrowind. Now when I installed it years ago on my Win98 pc it worked fine, but now that I've installed it on my XP laptop it crashes every time I start it.
I get it opened and running through the bethesda logo then it crashes instantly and gives me the classic "File a Report" box. I just really want to play TES III, and TES IV which I haven't installed yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Here are my laptop specs:
Windows XP Professional SP3, Intel T2300 1.66GHz, 2GB RAM
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    Run it in Windows Program Compatibility Mode.
  2. It should't have any problem running in XP; I played it in XP, with 2GB ram.

    What's your GPU? You may need to update the driver, or roll back to an earlier one.
  3. you can forget about playing Oblivion on that laptop for a start, you really need a dedicated graphics card. Morrowind should work, update your display drivers and update the game to the latest version. I could run it on a 1.5ghz celeron laptop with integrated graphics, so it should work on yours.
  4. I got it by running it in Win98 compatible mode. I just installed Oblivion and it's running pretty descent, there's lag, and some frame rate issues but overall about the quality I was expecting. It's just there to help me kill time on trips and such not as a everyday player, that's why I have a desktop.
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  6. Glad to see you got it running have fun.
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