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I've got an aging computer, P-II 450, which I have upgraded to the best of my abilities, now the only thing I can do at this point is get a new processor and motherboard... right now I've got an Intel P-II motherboard, and I was wanting to put in a new EPoX 8K7A w/ a 1.4 GHz T-bird and 256 MB of DDR RAM. My question is this: can I just unplug everything from the old motherboard, put in the new motherboard, chip, and memory, and it will just run? It seems logical to me that this would be the case, but I've never done such a thing, and I didn't know if I would have to do anything special. Anyone willing to help an Ignoramus? :)
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  1. Anyone? A simple "Yes, this will work, you idiot" would be fine! :)
  2. Yes, this will work... you idiot!!

    But seriously, doing a format on your hard drive and a fresh install of Windows (or whatever OS you're using) would be the best way to go, in my opinion. You can uninstall any drivers for your old MB, then power down and swap boards/CPU's, but could run into problems with drivers that didn't properly uninstall etc. I'm not an expert, but again, recommend a clean install to avoid a lot of possible problems.
  3. "Yes, this will work, you idiot"
    The easiest way is to go into safe mode and remove all the divices from device manager, replace the motherboard and processor, then start it and let windows detect the new hardware.

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  4. Yes! This will work you idiot!

    It had to be said.

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  5. i'll go with the general concencius because it's true. "yes it'll work you un-smart person;)"

    But you did say it's aging so you might wanna get new case aswell. Make sure the p/s is approved by amd! Oh yeah a nice clean format is highly reccemended by me. You might aswell start with a clean slate!

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  6. Smoking upgrade..... but be aware that AMD's have a 300 watt PS minimum requirement.

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  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. i have a similar question. will i run into problems if i change mobo, processor, and ram, and just immeadeately go into windows setup and reinstall windows on a hard drive with windows and programs already on it?
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