Can't find a clear answer on OEM disc

I'm planning on upgrading my motherboard to a DDR3 set, can I just reformat my HDD clean and reuse my OEM win7 disc on the new motherboard?

I know it is supposedly against Microsoft term of service or something, but does Microsoft actively block this or is just a formality? Again, it isn't a manufacturer's OEM, it is a disc I bought from newegg.
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  1. OEM whether it's a manufacturer's one, or one you bought makes no difference to the licence agreement. It's not transferable to another pc, any major upgrade like the motherboard is considered a new pc under the licence agreement.
    Having said that Microsoft can be very reasonable when replacing a failed motherboard.
    You will need to phone, you will probably end up talking to a human as the automated activation is almost certain to fail.
    You are unlikely to need to reformat and install again unless you want to.
    Just try it with your current instalation, it should boot. Once you're into Windows, just install the drivers for your new motherboard.
    Now don't get too excited, you will still need to reactivate, you will have 3 days, it doesn't exactly make it obvious that it needs to be done, you will have to look for it in the System properties.
  2. You are correct on the OEM license, MS says it stays with the original system and it interprets "system" as the motherboard.
  3. contact MS and explain it was a failure and then maybe they can cut you a break.
    it worked for me once or twice a few years back.
  4. thanks, but now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I want to cheat like that lol. Win7 is a fine OS and I wouldn't mind ponying up cash for a legit copy.
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    contact MS first and explain.
    it's worth a try unless your donald trump or bill gates himself. (rich)
    do you realize that if bill gates was walking down the street and a $100 bill fell out of his pocket,
    it would take more money for him to turn around and get then it would if he just left it and kept walking...
    that's money.
  6. Quote:
    you can use yor product key more than once i used mine over 30 times before it stopped

    were not talking about the Office product key... lol
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