Mafia 2 shutternig

what is up everyone. i bought mafia 2 from steam but it keep shuttering/hitching. i tried everything turning vsync on. putting all the settings on low. it does not work can anybody help me please

system specs:

cpu:amd athlon ii x250 daul core cpu(3.0ghz)

gpu:ati readon 5770 with 1gb ram

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  1. I started having a stuttering issue in mafia as well after I updated my nvidia drivers. You might want to try either running the benchmark once or twice before loading your game or load your game, exit, then load your game again. It might sound crazy, but it fixed my stuttering issue. Not sure it will work with ati though.
  2. It's stuttering. Not shuttering. :)
    Have you updated your GPU drivers ?
    Is the game patched ?
  3. yes i,m running the latest version of my gpu driver and sound driver. and no the game is not patched
  4. plus i have the steam version
  5. If it's the steam version, it should automatically update the game to the latest version.
  6. i,m gonna try running the benchmark 2 times and then loading
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    Alright, update the game too, if you've disabled automatic updates.
    Then post back if there are any changes.
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  9. Problem's solved ?
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