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Will bf3 run?

Right now I'm kind of scared. I preordered bf3 for the pc after playing the alpha with little to no lag at around medium settings. Will i be able to run the full game?


Intel E5800 dual core @ 3.2 ghz
Gts 450 @ 822 MHz
4gb of ram
500 psu.

I run bfbc2 at medium with about15 seconds of lag in the beginning but then after I get around 35 fps. Help please! Im also strapped for cash so any advice helps :D

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  1. u should increase the Fsb to a 1066 minimum to get descent frames 20-30
  2. sorry but what is fsb?
  3. FSB means front side bus. I would say you can run the game at low-medium settings. The game is well optimized, but I think you should start saving up for a new graphics card (a GTX 460 or HD 5770 are great entry level cards with a lot of power).
  4. Try this link...

    Select Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a rough guide to see how your PC will perform.
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    Battlefield 3 is going to be very graphics intensive, which means its also gonna put a lot of pressure on your graphics card... So you want to make sure that you have a really good card... And from what Foxspeed said about selecting bad company 2 from system requirements lab, thats a good idea. So you want to make sure your running RECOMMENDED on bad company 2, NOT minimum... If its any lower than recommended on bad company 2, your not gonna be running bf3 at all... :)
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  7. ASDFGHJKL So sorry for the late reply and i did it. But it says my comp wont run it. yet i run the game(BFBC2) on medium settings. at about 30 fps. WHAT THE HECK :/ Im soooo confused. well the beta comes out in a week. any one have an idea on how to overclock my card?
  8. Yea. See? your running the bfbc2 at the bare minimum (30 fps, what the game runs at) on medium settings... For me, I run it at MAX settings, 57 fps. So there's the difference between reccomended and minimum :p If you want to overclock your card, I would reccomend MSI afterburner.
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