Is 3DS a good choice?

I Got a NDSi and i think about upgrading to 3DS but i wanna know if it's a good idea to go to 3DS or others portable handheld like PSP Vita(Coming Soon)... Should i upgrade to 3DS or is there any news about it changing or updates/upgrade on the 3DS because i heard that 3Ds hurts your eyes on 3DS...
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    if you enjoy the dsi you will most likely enjoy the 3ds but not because of 3d i actually am planning to buy a 3ds but i waited because there was no games at first and it was kinda useless since i dont like 3d i think that at 170 (new price) and all the games nintendo confirmed and released ocarina of time 3d, sm3dland, paper mario 3ds etc. its definatly worth it hope this helps :)
  2. Thanks, I'll save money and buy a 3DS and wait for those 3D Games to come out -_-... I'll be buying a 3DS in October where those 3D comes out...
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