Extraneous Volume Error Checking Problem

Every time my computer boots up, it asks me to perform a system maintenance check, so I do, and every time I do, it keeps telling me that I need to check my drive for volume errors, so I do.

The next time I reboot, it starts doing CHKDSK and I let it finish completely, and every time I run it, it says it finds 0 errors, but then, the next time I reboot my computer, it says that my drive needs to be checked for consistency again.

If anyone has any insight into this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You.
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    Hmmm,you are not reporting any bsod's or other types of errors so it seems to be a logic error or possibly an internal error of some kind,so,,if it were me I would go to and download their free defragger ,it is very fast,does not sort just defragges,that might straighten out the logic error by combining the files,maybe,,and,,if you are running XP then reinstall right over current installation,the other thing you might consider is if you have ghost and sufficent space ,partitioned,,that is ,,ghost your primary partition,format it ,and fdisk /mbr,and use ghost to restore,...
    Anyhow the final solution is a complete reinstall after formatting the partition and also doing the mbr just to be safe..:)

    Woopz,,one more thing..Have you scanned for virii and or trojans???:)
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