Upgrade Gigabyte GA586ATV Revision 4 (install K6-2

Hi! I was interested in installing an AMD K6-2 500 mhz on my System currently running a 166 MMX on a Gigabyte GA-586ATV revision 4.0 ... seeing as Super Socket Seven Boards are extremely rare ... would anyone be able to help me out ... how do I set my jumpers etc .. what upgrade Socket should I use ... by the way I'm in Canada ... I find it such a shame to waste a perfectly good machine which already has been boosted everywhere else except the processor ... thanks in advance ... any help would be greatly appreciated
Adam C. Ward
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  1. who told you super 7 motherboards are rare? anyway if you want to upgrade your processor, better check out the manual regarding what max frequency and multiplier it supports, and what voltages it provides.

    all those parameters were available on jumpers those days. you will need the following in place:
    <b>1.</b> 2.2V volts Vcc support (will work with 2.4 or 2.5 but will need better HSF),
    <b>2.</b> 100 MHz FSB (can work on a slower one, maybe 83 will be the maximum on that board) and
    <b>3.</b> multiplier of 5 (or higher if the max FSB is just 75 or 83).

    The K6-II 500 works at 100x5= 500MHz.

    now good news is that your newer K6-II 500 will work at 5.5x when you set the multiplier at 1.5x and 6x when you set it to 2x.

    so if even 100 MHz isnt supported, that should help you to run your 500 at 75x6= 450 MHz or 83x6=498! thats 500!


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  2. By the way here in Canada in my area no one seems to be able to get Super 7 motherboards otherwise I would get a new motherboard. I have tried for the past 4 months with no success. Anyways I'll try the suggestions ... Thanks
  3. dont ask for Super7 boards, they dont know anything.
    ask for Soekt7 boards or simply specify the chipset, like ALi Aladdin or VIA Apollo Pro or just same a board for K6! better still, ask for the board model name - you get a Asus P5A easily, but the board vendor wont know it is a super7 board.

    :smile: most hardware vendors sell candies, they dont know what are they selling. at least such things do happen here in India!

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  4. The K6-2 seems to handle excess voltage quite well: I have set up several at 2.8v without warantee returns. You simply need to keep them cool. Any Socket A Athlon cooler is big enough to keep a K6-2 cool, and they do fit. I suggest the K6-2 450, set at 2.8v or lower, at 2x (because it's converted internally to 6x).

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  5. excuse me girish but I sell computers and I am talking about my supliers ... they DO know what they are talking about by the way ... they just cannot find any boards
  6. thats a serious problem since all socket7 boards are already replaced by super7 ones supporting 100 MHz FSB! even in India and the vendors dont know!

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  7. well, even the Cyrix M-II (that runs on 66 or 75 MHz) is used with a super7 board, although at times its often used on the TX-100 (supports max 83 MHz FSB) based on a VIA chipset!
    most of the super 7 boards here are with ALi Aladdin V ones or SiS530 (with integrated AGP display), VIA Apollo Pro is rare.

    we just have to specify that we are using "K6" and they give you the appropriate board! for "M2" they are most likely to give you a TX-100!! they do not know the difference and why TX-100 wont suit the K6!!!


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