Can you play 3D 360/PS3 games on the Alienware AW2310?

Hi all,

I'm thinking about buying a 3D monitor, the thing is that I'm also a big console gamer and as such I'd like to be able to play 3D console games on it as well. The thing is that I can't find out whether or not the Alienware AW2310 will work with 360/PS3 3D. So...

If the monitor is the AW2310
And I have the nVidia 3D vision glasses
Can I play 3D 360/PS3 games on the monitor? And if so, are there any special steps needed?

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  1. I looked and because i am at work a lot of game sites are blocked :fou:
    But maybe there will be something at this link:

    A person from the Dell forums posted a link there when someone asked if they could use their PS3 with this monitor for 3D, the answer was no. But not sure about the Xbox.

    Also in my reading i did here some not so kind things about that monitor. Like that it is just a rebranded Dell monitor that has tint problems that Dell refuses to take returns on. And that it is overprices as the actual branded Dell monitor of the same type is a few hundred dollars cheaper.

    You may want to look into a smaller 3D LCD TV and just use that as your monitor and gaming screen.
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