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I'm a novice when it comes to computers, however i have become very interested in investing my money in gaming PC. I have been doing some shopping around for a top of the range PC that is going to provide me with the a great gaming experience. Now what i'm wanting to know is what kind of specifications are required to play most, if not all games out their on the market. And how much its going to cost me? The most i'am willing to pay is in the the price range of £500-£1000. Like i said i'am a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff so i really do need some guidence and advice from somebody who has the knowledge on this subject. Any information you could give me will be most appreciated! :)


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  1. processor:intel i5 2500
    graphics card:radeon 6870
    Ram:4gb minimum
    power supply:at least a 650w (from a trusted brand) with 2x 6 pin connectors
    motherboard:anything with lga 1155(maybe 2 pci x16)

    this should be within your budget ,also could save some money if your willing to assemble it yourself
  2. Hi Josh,

    I recently invested sometime in looking for a PC for my girlfriend, and she's doing very well with it. It only costs about $600 US, and she plays AION mainly. She's able to play it with minimal performance issues, and it's extremely cost effective.

    Here's the link:

    Currently, it is a deactivated item, but I am sure you will be able to find this later on should you decide to purchase it. Now, as far as specifications, each computer component relies on one another to perform at maximum performance. The main component for PC gaming is the graphic card - however, don't let this trick you. A good graphic card won't take you anymore without sufficient power, requiring a power supply, and a good CPU (processor), as well as RAM (memory).

    Every component in a computer relies on one another to function, like the domino effect. One falls, we all fall. You can start researching by looking at the link I gave you, it has a fantastic graphics card for what it was worth, good RAM to begin with (and the motherboard has extra slots in case you want more RAM), with a quad core (4-CPU) processor. Now, going deeper, there's various types of each component.

    Sort of like buying medication over-the-counter, some are OK and inexpensive, and some are fantastic and expensive, but its worth every penny. PC hardware (individually) can be very tricky to purchase, because many people perform tests, or even buy the hardware, test it, and post reviews and feedback, helping you get an idea as to how good of a product it is.

    The same principle applies in buying pre-built computers (what you are looking for), you must inspect each component of the computer, look at its feed back, see how well it performs, and see the reviews for that computer as a whole and determine how well it performs, and if it meets your needs. With the link provided above, I inspected each individual component, its feedback, gauged its price in today's market, and took advantage of an opportunity to buy a fairly good PC for my girlfriend.

    I hope this helps you, because its the best I can do on an empty stomach. Good luck!
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