my laptop screen is not working it does't showing anything how can i repair that
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  1. If you knew how to fix it you wouldn't be asking. Send it to a shop.
  2. 4745454b said:
    If you knew how to fix it you wouldn't be asking. Send it to a shop.


    go on-line and buy replacement.
    even eBay.
  3. And then do what? If you don't know even that step you expect him to take a screen apart and replace it? I don't like his chances of success.
  4. this is true..
  5. First of all plug it into a monitor/lcd tv and turn it on and see if it's displaying anything at all. Another suggestion would be to turn it at a nearly flat 90 degree angle to you and then turn it on and see if there is any action at all going on on the screen. If it displays on the LCD/monitor and then when trying to turn the laptop an angle you get a slight difference in brightness on the screen as you turn it on and it loads windows (I'd suggest doing it in a dark room so you can see if there is any light coming from it at all) it's probably a faulty inverter. 90% of the time if it's not working and it's not taken any damage it's the inverter. I'd recommend bringing it in for repair (assuming it's out of warrantee period) but if you know someone with the expertise get them to do it.

    It's not an easy job, particularly as some bezels on the laptop screen are nearly moulded on while others have a hidden screw or catch so applying too much force can break the bezel while with others you need to lever it in the right place.
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