L.A. Noire for PC anyone?

Anyone expecting L.A. Noire for PC this fall? Although there's at least one site (Game Debate) that gives us a release date of December 22nd for Europe and December 29th for US).

Did any of you try that on Xbox already who would like to comment on the gameplay, features and so on? Not posting anything in the way of spoilers would be great too :)
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  1. The game is great (I own it on xbox)
    However, there is little to no replay value what so ever.
    The story is relativity good
    The driving is poo but, you can get your partner to drive
    The game graphically looks really bad
    overall, I'd say it's an okay game.
  2. Looks really bad, you'd say... oh well, it looked well enough compared to other titles. I will play it for the story anyway, so replaying it is not an issue. Is the driving model worse than Mafia and Mafia II?
  3. Mafia's driving was okay, IMO. Mafia 2, well not that good.
    The game does have some real bad textures. Let's just hope it's not a console port like rockstar's GTA IV was.
  4. I really don't want to think about the "console port" part anymore, but when it comes to Rockstar, anything's possible, because GTA IV does not sit well at all with me. Same thing about the new Max Payne, hope they won't break it the way they did with the GTA, or else they should really design games for consoles only if they're so good at it.

    Oh yes, end of rant.
  5. Developers should do what DICE is doing. First make the game for PC then port it for consoles. :)
    Yes, end of rant here as well. :D
  6. Indeed, I have to tip my hat for DICE. Ever since they started the Battlefield series, Mirror's Edge and even NFS Hot Pursuit, nothing but praise for them. And I do remember playing one of the early STCC games, but at the time I didn't know they were responsible for that too.
  7. Yeah, almost all the DICE games are optimized. :)
  8. It wasn't a bad move on EA's part to bring DICE in the house, at least they weren't as stupid as to dissolve it.
  9. Gman450 said:
    Yeah, almost all the DICE games are optimized. :)

    *cough*mirror's edge*cough*
  10. Personally, I would much rather have Red Dead Redemption optimized for the PC.
  11. stocker2000 said:
    *cough*mirror's edge*cough*

    What about Mirror's Edge? It ran on highest settings for me. And he said "almost", anyways :)
  12. stocker2000 said:
    *cough*mirror's edge*cough*

    I disagree on that,
    Mirror's Edge actually ran fine for me. :??:
    What makes you say that it's not optimized ?
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