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If you have experienced 'micro stuttering' (and only if) please share briefly details including the game, how long the 'stuttering' lasted, and/or perhaps how you were able or not to stop the problem? Any significant conclusions?

It appears stuttering can happen with only one GPU too? I've edited in that possibility now.

(If this poll duplicates or complicates I trust the moderators to deal appropriately with it. But please point me in the direction I missed seeing.)
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  1. I'm currently trying to figure out if the stuttering I'm experiencing is because I have a faulty Hard Disk (it was experiencing slow load times until I installed a new Intel Storage Manager version and probably was set to PIO mode but I couldnt change it) or if it's just a setting I need to change, or perhaps something else.
  2. I use to experience microstuddering with wow most noticeably. Not for a year thou, nvidia fixed it with the drivers.
  3. "It appears stuttering can happen with only one GPU too? " if it happens with one gpu then its not "microstuttering" its just stuttering and you obviously dont know what microstutter is, random stuttering can happen with any system for various reasons. Have you been on youtube and looked at the so called "microstuttering" vids? they are not microstutter at all, they are full blown FPS drops. It seems to me that most people complaining about microstuttering are not even aware of what it is. A dip in FPS measurable by fraps is NOT MICROSTUTTER. Microstutter is not detected by fraps on screen display. that is how you measure microstutter.
  4. Yeah alot people don't understand microstutter and cant separate it from fps drops. I've experience a small amount in metro , but only briefly in one spot
  5. Anyone who want to know what microstutter is should look at the videos posted by angry PC gamers about Deus Ex Human Revolution gameplay...
  6. i honestly dont know if you would even pick up microstuttering in a youtube vid, the recording of the vid at 25fps or whatever it is may cancel out the microstuttering and you wouldnt see it. if you have a video showing microstuttering, please post a link.
  7. ^ not crossfire/sli microstutter at all, please dont waste my time. Its just random huge FPS dips, and the FPS isnt too good to begin with, especially for a closed indoor area. It is a problem with the game, not the hardware.
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