Abit KT7 Raid benching problems.

I bench right around 1100 in 3dmark 2001.
this is after a format of my hard drive.
before the format i was hitting 2653ish.
i am running the following hardware/software config.

WINDOWS 2000 PRO sp2, IE 5.0
DX 8.0a
1.2ghz thunderbird @ 100mhz
ABit KT7raid (latest via 4in1 drivers) not ran from setup, but installed through the inf files in device manager.
the newest highpoint RAID controller driver.
My main drive is a western digital 40.0 gig 7200rpm ATA100, only device on the chain, i have a twin drive to this one on my master RAID IDE controller that carries my pageing file and mp3's.
Creative Annihilator pro, GF2 GTS DDR. useing nvidia DET, drivers V12.41 reference drivers.
Creative audioPCI card(too cheep to buy SBL)
LinkSYS 10/100 PCI nic.
intel pro 2200 dsl modem.

I havent flashed my bios with the newest release cause i hate to do that.
im totally bummed in the profomance loss i experienced since formatting. and at my witts end...
any help would be very cool.

i remembered my det driver version but forgot my RAM.
running 1 stick of 256 pc133 microQ (micron)
and 1 stick of 128 pc 133 microQ(micron)
for a grand total of 384.

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  1. Are you sure the AGP drivers loaded via the method you describe? Were you prompted for Turbo mode (not sure this happens with Win2K)?
  2. yeah for the record there is no "turbo thingy".
    But THANKS anyway. I went and took a closer look at the driver for my agp and it was still a windows one. installed the via one and scored a 2556, which is right about where i was, i still need to enable 4X agp and set my drive mode in the bios, and a few other things (ATA 100)..heheh oops anyway thanks alot.
  3. did you have the same drivers before and after the format? all identical?

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  4. yeah i just forgot to install the agp driver :(
    i did on a side note have to repair windows 2 times. and reboot 47 times after upgradeing to win2k sp2, and various other hot fixes.
  5. I would still think you would want the AMD AGP driver but if everything is working what the hey!

    If you change your mind get the AMd drivers here.

    <A HREF="http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/bin/" target="_new">http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/bin/</A>

    ...and don't forget about the <A HREF="http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/athlon-duron/amd_win2k_patch.html" target="_new">AMD/Win2K AGP Bug</A>

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