Any opinion on :GA 7DXR & ABIT KG7


I'm looking a mobo for installing a new PC for video editing. Any command or experience on Gigabyte: GA-7DXR & ABIT:KG7-R
Please input !! Really appreciate it !

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  1. Both are good boards. I choose the KG7 for two reasons:
    1. I perfer not having to used jumpers for everything.
    2. 4 DDR Ram slots Vs. 2 on the GA7
  2. no... there are three on the ga-7dxr! you can only use 2 unbuffered ddr dimms on the kg7. and you can use all three dimms with rev 1.0 of the board on the ga-7dxr!

    the kg7 you get nothing but raid... with the 7dxr you get onboard audio for backup which is nice, you get dual bios, you get @bios for easy updating your bios, easy tune for overclocking so you don't even need to touch the jumpers. you get nortons antivirus AND nortons personal firewall! and Promise RAID controller! oh ya you also get 3 (THREE) 80 wire cables! and a floppy cable and a lot of software and drivers. you can adjust the voltage for just about anything but the pci slots. I don't mind the dipswtiches and jumpers... makes it so you can control your board better. plus they are fun .. it isn't very hard either btw

    with the kg7 you get dumped on.

    for one you would only touch the dipswitches and jumpers (so far a dip switch and a pair of jumpers have been removed and placed into the bios). dip switches are fine ... you only need to set your configuration once.. unless you are constantly changing your cpu speed and fsb settings all the time?

    i have the ga-7dxr... really nice board! full of features! I have no idea what half of them do! lol.. makes for good fun though! super stable! i left my computer on all day i come home from work and my computer still works.. i was surprised lol. with my old board it would lock up all the time.

    when you pay over 150 bucks for a motherboard where both perform the same you gotta look at features. And do research yourself!

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  3. Quote:
    you can only use 2 unbuffered ddr dimms on the kg7, and you can use all three dimms with rev 1.0 of the board on the ga-7dxr!

    Have you actually populated all 3 memory slots on your GA-7DXR with UNBUFFERED PC2100 DIMMs? If so, what brand, module capacity, etc.?

    Would you please provide your entire configuration details.


    "What rev is your board.. I think that .2 had problems with 3 double sided dimms" codehack2 Senior Member

    "Ask and ye shall recieve.. here is a modded bios that gives full raid support among other things..

    F6 Modded Bios

    On the 3 dimm question...
    I'm currently running a rev 1.0, win2k and 3 x 256mb crucial 2100 non-reg with out any issues.

    Question #3.. your assumption is correct..

    Question #4... can't ansewer it as I'm using a kick a** Hercules Game Theater XP

    I agree with your comments on this board.. I've gone through 3 kt266 board prior to the 7dx6.. and have to say that this board is by far the nicest board I've used.. fast, stable, and features out the yin yang.

    CH2" codehack2 Senior Member

    If one person can do it then that disproves everyones thought that it can only have 2 dimms. And everyones elses ignorance to think you can use all 4 dimms on the kg7. I read it somewhere i think it was toms top 10 AMD760 board article that said you can populate 2 slots with the kg7 using unregistered/unbuffered ddr dimms.

    also.. it's in the manual that says i can populate all three slots up to 2gb it's also on crucial's website that states you can use up to 2gb of unbuffered ram in all three slots.

    Also it is common knowledge with ddr boards to not mix types of ram (pc1600, pc2100, pc2400) and different brands (crucial, mushkin, kingston) and to stick with single branded dimms. Once you choose a brand stick with it.

    also i must say anandtech users are so much better then some of you guys. no offense but at anandtech no one there is out to attack you and everyone there is willing to help with out the sarcastic nonsense i get here.

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  5. Thanks for all of your inputs. I think I will stick with the GA-7DXR.
    Good luck to me :)

    See you !
  6. Hey good luck! I hope you researched it yourself though. I just wanted to give you the correct information because i have the board so i know. I believe has it for 170. Seems like a great place to shop!

    I have 2 issues i need to work out so your aware. While in 3dmark2001 in the middle it will reboot suddenly. I have a radeon and fast writes enabled but the radeon doesn't support fast writes. so i'm gonna try and disable that and see what happens. I also can still try and up the agp voltage if that doesn't work. It could also be a simple driver issue since i have just plugged everything in into the new mobo and turned it on and it worked. First time ever for me lol.. ususally there are irq conflicts or windows doesn't load or something else silly.

    The usb controler and the mass storage controller (RAID) is shared. so everytime the hard drive is in use heavily the mouse locks up in normal windows. The mouse is a USB mouse. I haven't tried any games yet. Busy with work.

    other than that awsome board!

    still working out the bugs. Which is expected with any new motherboard. It is advised to reinstall windows when you get a new motherboard. But so far it is running good with a couple issues. i call them issues because i know there are work arounds for them.

    but good luck!

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