Problem installing OS on new rig!!! HELP!

Ok so i booted my computer up, BIOS came up i didnt touch a thing and just saved/exited, and when the comp rebooted it asked for a CD for a OS to install. I put one in and it began the install compleatly normal (of Windows XP Pro) when i had to agree/disagree to the first initial thing, my keyboard wasnt responding case it was a new wireless so i switched to my old corde one but it wouldnt work. I rebooted the computer and this time it wouldnt load the BIOS but instead went to a screen where it analyzed devices and then sat there ... how do i fix this so i can load my OS and get on with my life?!?! :) any help would be appreciated! thank you
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  1. Start with your wired stuff. Turn the computer on. You won't be able to use the wireless stuff until after everything is installed because that stuff requires drivers to make it operate.. and without an OS, drivers aren't loaded.

    It's hanging probably because you had the wireless stuff in there. I'd set it up just like a wired computer, then try the install.
    Make sure the Keyboard/mouse are in the right ports too.
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