How to determine between 32 and 64 bit

#1 Ok so i just bought a whole new comp in parts. I just instaled it and i look on the system panel and it says i have a 32 bit OS. I belive that i have all parts for 64 bit, so would that mean i just have the 32 bit OS?

#2 Ok so my uncle (who is an IT guy) got me a version of windows 7. i thought he was goning to be getting me a legit copy but i guess he didnt. The disk instaled fine but the code isnt working. If u know something about this plz post thank you.

Thank you for any posts on this!
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  1. 32bit and 64bit is referring to the operating system software not the hardware parts that you got.

    you can find out by right clicking on the computer and going to properties. It should list whether or not it is a 32bit or 64bit version.

    Unfortunately, I can't post anything about how to pirate software or where to get it as that's against terms of service on these message boards.
  2. Ok i thought that ur hardware has a part to play in it. So its just the operating system that determines the bit "rating" of the system?

    Oh ok well i was told itwas a real copy but i guess it wasnt. And thank you for the notice i didnt know that.
  3. It could be a legal copy. But if it is an upgrade version and you did a "clean" install, it will not recognize the Key as a valid key.

    You can google "Clean install with upgrade version" Fairly simple. To do this legally you must OWN a qualifing version for that computer.
  4. ok like i said b4 i bought all new parts so idk if i did a clean instal or not but id assume i did.
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