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Moving mw2 sp files, and cod4 mp/sp files

Anyone know what files I'm going to need to transfer for my singleplayer? I'm getting a new computer, and MW2 singleplayer files are stored locally, and I dont want to redo campaign/spec ops. Same for cod4. Anyone know which files I gotta move? :)
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    The save files from your documents.
    That is which OS are you using ?
    If it's WinXP, then go to 'My Documents' and there should be an 'Activision' folder. Just backup that folder. :)
    If it's Win7, then it's about the same. Just go to 'Documents' then you'll see the 'Activision' folder. Backup that.
  2. kk thx
  3. Oh yea. Do you know whether its true that you can just back-up your "steamapps" folder and copy that over to another computer, and be able to play your games that you have on steam? Because apparently all the game files are stored in there... So it would make it easier to do that rather than reinstalling the whole game.
  4. Well, you know you could just keep the current HDD for the new build.
    I don't know about the steammaps folder, as I don't use it.
  5. kk well tx for ur help
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